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  • Product name: 150W UFO LED High Bay Light
  • Part No.: Part No.: SEH-150W
  • WATT: Watt: 150W
  • LUMEN: Input:AC100-240V/AC90-305V
  • INPUT: Size:φ350*195mm
  • EFFIEIENCY: LED Chip:Epistar/Osram/Philips
  • 1: LED Driver:TUV&UL Driver/Meanwell/Philips Driver
  • 2: Lumen Efficiency:120LM/W
  • 3: Color: Warm White:2800-3200K, Nature White:4000-4500K; Pure White:6000-6500K
  • 5: Material: Magnesium Alloy5
  • 4: Warranty: 3 Years Type and 5 Years Type
  • 6:
  • 7:
  • 8:
  • 9:
  • 10:


The New Type of High bay light shaped like a flying UFO, so called UFO High bay light. 150W UFO UFO LED High Bay Light with Osram/Philips LED & Mean Well Driver, more slim and convenient for shipment than old type. Heat sink made from Magnesium alloy for heat dissipation effectively. And it’s specially treated for resistance to ultraviolet and corrosion.


Part No. Power Dimmension(mm) Lumen CCT Driver & LED Chip Material Input Voltage Warranty
SEH-150W 150W φ350*195 120LM/W WW 2800-3200K
NW 4000-4500K
PW 6000-6500K
Epistar LED
TUV&UL Driver
Magnesium Alloy AC100-240V 3 Years
Osram/Philips LED+Meanwell HBG Driver AC90-305V 5 Years


Modern aesthetic streamlines modeling design.
Patent Technology for heat dissipation.
Ultra-strong cooling capability.
Excellent temperature uniformity: surface temperature uniformity within ±2 degree.
Less weight and small volume, smaller than the traditional Radiator.

Product Show


Application of LED Street Light

1. Waiting Hall
2. Worshop
3. Super Marketing
4. Factory
5. Sports ground
6. Channel places
7. Gas station
8. Some other outdoor places where need  LED High Bay Light.







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