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  • Product name: LED Flood Light 100W
  • Part No.: Part No.: SEF-100W
  • WATT: Watt: 100W
  • LUMEN: Input:AC100-240V
  • INPUT: Size:402*295*60mm
  • EFFIEIENCY: LED Chip:Epistar/Osram/Philips
  • 1: LED Driver:TUV&UL Driver/Meanwell/Philips Driver
  • 2: Lumen Efficiency:110LM/W
  • 3: Color: Warm White:2800-3200K, Nature White:4000-4500K; Pure White:6000-6500K
  • 5: Material: Aluminum Alloy+Toughened Glass5
  • 4: Warranty: 3 Years Type and 5 Years Type
  • 6:
  • 7:
  • 8:
  • 9:
  • 10:


LED Floodlights with broad-beamed, high-intensity light, it is the most popular type of lights that are used outdoors, places like architectural lighting, landscape lighting, etc. SE.Lighting 100W Flood Light with the newest Slim sneak design, durable, withstand harsh weather conditions. 


Part No. Power Dimmension(mm) Lumen CCT Driver & LED Chip Material Input Voltage Warranty
SEF-100W 100W 402*295*60 110LM/W WW 2800-3200K
NW 4000-4500K
PW 6000-6500K
Epistar LED
TUV&UL Driver
Aluminum Alloy+Toughened Glass AC100-240V 3 Years
Osram/Philips LED+Meanwell/Philips Driver 5 Years


IP65 Water-Proof, Ultra-slim sleek design, light weight, good strength, and high quality heat dissipation.
Durable toughened glass with high light transmittance.
Adopting high quality Chip as light source with high lighting efficiency, high CRI≥80, low light degradation.
High luminous efficiency 110LM/W, low light decay, high lighting efficiency, stable light color, no glare and more favorable visual health.
High efficiency and high quality constant current drive, ensure the product stability, greatly reduce the electricity consumption.
Long lifespan 30,000-50,000 hours.

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Application of LED Flood Light

LED Flood Light can be widely used in Public Lighting, Commercial Lighting and Industrial Lighting.

Tunnel, Subway, Underground Lighting; 
Gymnasium, Sports Stadium Lighting; 
Building, Billboard Lighting; 
Gas Station, Garage Lighting; 
Park, Garden Lighting; Workshop, Factory Lighting; Warehouse, Storage Lighting; Yard, Square Lighting; 
Road, Highway Lighting; 
Station, Dock, Deck, Ship, Boat Lighting; 
Aquarium Lighting etc







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