• Product name: Dimmable LED Linear Trunking Light
  • Part No.: SELT - Dimmable Type
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The new LED Linear Trunking Light developed by SE.Lighting can connect one by one seamlessly, without space between two light, provide continuous lighting for places like supermarkets, stores, workshope, etc.

Product Show


LED Linear Trunking Light comprise of LED Modules, Truking Rail and Accessories.

Main Features of LED Linear Light

A- Seamless Connection


Max Linkable 6000W per Line, no space between two Lights.


B- Multiple View Angles


Beam Angle: 30°/60°/90° and Double-Asymmetric.


C- Normal lighting, Dimmable, Emergency function Available



Normal LED Linear Trunking Light, Dimmalbe(0-10V, Dali) LED Linear Trunking Light, Emergency Linear Trunking Light Available for chose.


Application of LED Linear Trunking Light

LED Linear Trunking light can provide high quality light distribution for Hypermarket, shopping mall, chain-store and supermarket sector, warehouse, workshop, hospital, school, etc.







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